Figure out your problems and eat them for breakfast.

I very much need to contact some people and tell them that we can’t do what we said we could do until next month. I asked if in the email, we could let this group know to schedule after a certain date. The only reason I asked for this is because of my own fears.

This group pays more than the other group. They’re going to realize that if they go live now, they should pay less for this month. I have to convince them that they need to wait the month so we can let somebody else have all the “new software” headaches. This is for them. Everything is about “what’s in it for me”.

I will see what I can do.

I like the quote in the title, I saw it on my meditation app titles. It goes along with the video that I watch every morning.

That successful people prime their brains – they’ll figure out what could go wrong and what they’ll do about it. I know this is what W was trying to do with me about that loan. But, I KNEW I would get it, and I did. But “when things don’t go my way” – that’s the part I need a plan for.

So, I wrote it, sent it, we’ll see what push back I get.

I’m having ice cream now!

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