Terrifying day

Got an eviction notice Monday. Called the landlord (property mgt co). She hadn’t called me back. So, I called today. Terrified.

Asked if I could pay up ALL I owe by the end of the week. She said the owner probably won’t go for that. I haven’t cried – but want to really bad.


If I pay something, especially all of it, they have to let me stay there till my lease is up and paid on time. At least I *think* that’s reality.

No one is at my house today moving my things to the curb. No one will be moving my things to the curb until after a judge says they have to.

Staying in RIGHT NOW is so hard! I can do this, though. I can absolutely do this.

Heard on a video today – behind every fear is the person you want to be.

Also – I created this fear. I can destroy it.

More later!

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