I will not stay up all night

Rent isn’t “late” until end of day tomorrow. I can even get away with first thing Thursday. I am going to believe that I can get it taken care of.

Rejection is protection. That’s one of the thousands of things Wendy taught me.

I’m sure I’m really hard to get along with at work. Everything has to be fun – for everyone else, especially. I want people around me to know they’re appreciated. I want them laughing and being happy. So, I am unable to be professional.

Hard trying to find a job that way.

But, I tell people flat out – I am not professional, it’s not that I’m rude, it’s that I’m fun.

Grownups don’t like that very much. That’s okay – rejection is protection.

I told Mom that I didn’t do anything like a grownup. She pointed out to me that the last 2 years I’ve been doing quite a bit that was grown up. A kid couldn’t go through all this alone.

I’m glad I have Mom.

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