It’s a choice.

Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice – Wayne W. Dyer

We do have a choice.

I knew a guy once that called me after he got fired from his job. I said “Oh my God, what are you gonna do?” He said “Go fishing”.

I was floored. I did NOT understand how he could go and do something FUN when he’d just LOST his job! I thought he was lazy, uncaring and NOT understanding how the world works!

How will he eat? Keep his car? Keep his house?

Now, it was Friday afternoon when he called me. At that time, in the 80s… you really couldn’t find many jobs on a Friday night.

He didn’t go get drunk – even though it was Friday night.

He went fishing. A relaxing, non stress activity that many people enjoy. When the world was horrible to him, he decided to be good to him. He didn’t worry all weekend, he didn’t cry and rage, he just went fishing.

And, he found another job the next week.

Yeah, sometimes things suck. But, we have a choice in how we see it. We have a choice to believe whatever we want. I hope you choose to believe things that make you happy.

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