Yes! We’re Open!

OMG I’m really doing this.  Amazing.

Fear.  I hate it.  Absolutely cannot stand it.  But I live with it every single day.

I used to think “oh, I just need to be positive and I’ll stop being afraid forever!”

That didn’t work.

I did figure out, however, what it is that I can do that makes me NOT afraid.  Helping other people. Crazy, right?  So.  Here’s my attempt.  Just for today I will create and add to a blog that will help ME in my journey.  I have so many things planned for my life, and so afraid to do them.  I’m sick of it.  Just for today.  Just this minute.  Just this second.  I can.

Edited Mar 25, 2019 – I  started this a year ago, my goal to write every day.  I sucked at goals last year.  I’m hoping to do better this year.

This blog is set up more like a diary – the posts start at the beginning, and the most recent will not be on the front page here – but over in the sidebar.  The top one is the most recent, if you’re interested in that.

A few words of warning:  I’m snarky, I’m sarcastic and I complain.  I call my complaining “venting”, and my snarkiness my “sense of humor”.  Take it or leave it – it’s all me.

I hope I’m able to edit this again next year.

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