Fear is the absence of faith

What’s really hilarious about this title is that when I first told my tablet to write it with the voice to text, it wrote “Fear is the absence of cake”. Maybe… just maybe eating cake is the way to overcome fear? That would be fantastic!

When I first got clean, my sponsor gave me some writing to do about God. One of the questions was “Has God ever let you down?”

First, I need to let you know, dear reader, I am seldom serious. I’m not comfortable around anyone until I can make them laugh. Yes,yes, I know that’s not very grown up and probably the main reason I am afraid all the time. But it’s fun and I get by.

So for my answer, I already believed in the whole “everything happens for a reason” stuff… so I never felt like I was “let down” by God.

However, there was something I prayed for that I didn’t get.

On General Hospital, Anna Devine was married to Duke Lavery back in the 80s, I think. Duke had come home to Anna, and probably got shot or something. For whatever reason I was praying and praying, “please please please don’t let Duke die,”.

God let him die anyway! Even though I was praying! For a TV character invented by writers and not real at all!

So, I gave this as my “God let me down” story.

Fast forward to 2015 or so. Anna goes to some hospital in some other country and finds Duke! DUKE IS STILL ALIVE! GOD DIDN’T LET ME DOWN AFTER ALL!

I tell this story because, since I know that He has really never let me down, there is no logical reason to be afraid.

I believe that we will all be taken care of, no matter what we have to go through in this life. It doesn’t have to be “God”, but hopefully you can find something greater than yourself to bring you some peace on those scary days.

If you don’t believe, please believe that I believe that you’re being taken care of.

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