Today is a good day!

I’ve always said I don’t have “bad days”. I know the day it what you make it. Also, a day is made up of hours, minutes and seconds. If somebody takes my coffee at Starbucks, that doesn’t constitute a “bad day”. It was aggravating or frustrating at the time, but I know that I don’t have to let it set the tone for the entire day.

So, right now I’m feeling better about myself and my life. Is it because I choose to? Is it because bills are paid and there’s money in the bank? Is it because the work I’ve done to get bills paid and money in the bank I walked through, even though I was terrified? Is it because I started writing? Is it because I started watching motivational videos in the mornings?

I don’t know. Part of me wants to know – so I can keep doing it. I suspect that just because I choose to feel good, doesn’t mean that I don’t still have to work on the things I need to work on every day. But, feeling good today makes me more willing to do the work.

Did that make any sense at all? haha.

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