Not again

I’m to the middle of the month – and have the ability to pay rent. I’m getting a big check tomorrow and then 2 more before the end of the month. My brain is deciding that I don’t need to work hard, especially since I’m working so hard at the job job.

I was reading an email today that had the word “farther” in it. I noticed that the word “fart” is in that word, and cracked up. I do not like fart jokes. Hubby said “that’s not a fart joke, that’s a fart fact”.

I didn’t listen to videos the last 3 days. I did today, and worked straight through. But, come 5pm, I got lazy again. Like I didn’t need to do what I need to do.

Tomorrow. Catch up my safelists. Read tons of emails. Send lots out.

I don’t think I’m scared today. I think I’m happy.

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